Need a brochure to promote your company or to convey information?  Below are some examples of brochures using different fold styles.  
This is a standard 9x16 gatefold brochure, highlighting the museums of Paris.  The hope is to excite the viewer by encapsulating the beautiful art of Paris in stain-glass “windows”, mimicking Parisian architecture and allowing the viewer to “peek” into the museum itself.  This piece was designed using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
Zipskee is a start-up travel company out of Colorado. It connects travelers with local hosts. This single page brochure functions as an informational marketing piece and has been distributed in local hostels.
The Chicago Transit Authority  is the main source of public transportation in the Chicago metro area.  In this redesign, the typography surrounding the train identifier, “Blue Line”,  has been explored and reworked.  All brochures have been color-coded to quickly identify which line the commuter is looking at.  
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